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July 25, 2011 / austreberto

they swam into the shape of a dolphin

they swam into the shape of a dolphin


in the bedroom i grew up in

the light switch turned day into night

night into day

and sometimes

made days longer

for us to play outside

until we were ready to sleep

we had a lot of energy

my brother sister and i


this didn’t always work

and sometimes

worked too well

like the time we broke the sun

it stayed at high noon for days

we became as dark as our mother

nearly as beautiful

we slept for a week straight afterwards

so tired


and when it was night for a month

the fireflies loved it

i ran out of jars to catch them with

we used them for light

their low glow

made everything look amazing

ate them out of curiosity

they taste like glow in the dark chicken

our teeth

became flashlights when we smiled


if you wanted to find me

all you had to do was look for my grin



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  1. Promising Poets' Poetry Cafe / Aug 4 2011 11:53 am

    love it, beautiful.

  2. austreberto / Aug 4 2011 12:04 pm

    Thank you so much 🙂

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