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January 27, 2012 / austreberto

what i have imagined her night to be like six years ago (this is all speculation)

Even though this blog is relatively new, I haven’t really taken any time to explain any of my poems.  This is only because I like to let people come up with their own interpretation and background to the poem.  However, this new piece is very different than my usual writing and has a very personal connection.

Many years ago, a once close friend of mine attempted suicide.  She disappeared for a few weeks and when I was finally able to get a hold of her, she told me she had gotten out of the hospital after ODing.  Even though she and I no longer talk, I still wonder what that night was like for her.

This is a darker piece, but the poem I posted before this one, “you are the only you” is actually intended to come after this poem.  Either way, enjoy.

what i have imagined her night to be like six years ago (this is all speculation)


saturday night

her roommate was out

it was quiet

she hated the silence

contemplation was her time killer on most nights


stared at her reflection to see who would crack first


broken mirrors can be bad luck

but breaking your soul lasts forever


the pills went down smoother than expected

the bottle was oddly heavy

slowly lost the strength to hold onto it

closed her eyes as it fell to the ground

it was quiet


and for the first time in years

she was at peace with herself

was no longer afraid

and this made her happy


but she was alone


she was alone



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