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April 3, 2012 / austreberto

Day three

gullibility- years six through eleven


i believed it to be anywhere i was told it to be

and anywhere it wasn’t

found it extremely odd that dictionaries never carried it amongst their arsenal of definitions


how sad i felt for people who would never know what it meant


though i once heard it was written on the ceiling

spent most of my free time staring

guess i never knew where to look

or how to look

or what ceiling it was written on


i imagined where i would find it

i’d tell the whole world they didn’t have to search anymore


you’re welcome

please no need to thank me


the key to the city?

you’re too kind


had to play it that i knew all along that it was never written on any ceiling

found in every dictionary



i totally knew it was just an expression


i was merely testing you


you passed


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