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April 9, 2012 / austreberto

Day nine

*Dedicated to my mom and her love for September by Earth Wind and Fire*


rock star mom


do you remember

ba-hu-hum-ba-da-ha september

hum-da-bum-ba-de-da-da pretenders

while chasing the clouds awaaaaaay


she’s been listening to the same music

for over thirty years now


her childhood favorites

the kind that allowed her to let loose a little

while growing up

the kind her parents probably didn’t understand at the time


and she still doesn’t know all the words today


it’s almost as adorable as her inability to whistle

that she passed down to me

(thanks mom)


sometimes instead of singing

she’ll whistle


but she refuses to lip sync

because she actually wants to feel the music


roll down the windows

and you’ll hear her coming a mile away

playing her favorite song since 1979

seven years before my birth


even i know more of the words than her

but i could never do it quite like her


missing that joy

that spark of


ba de ya say do you remember

ba de ya dancing in september

ba de ya never was a cloudy day



not quite like her


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