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April 10, 2012 / austreberto

Day ten

any given moment of my life has felt like fight or flight


i can easily say that i have never gone in either direction with my choices

i’ve remained constant


taking everything day by day

sometimes moment by moment

if needed


regardless of the length of time

i still get to where i need to be


anxiety does its best to trip me up

but i feel like we don’t quite see eye to eye on everything

despite knowing each other all our lives


i feel like it’s been trying to speak to me

especially since my first panic attack

though we don’t speak the same language

i have a feeling it’s been trying to say something like



i don’t stress you out to ever bring you down

i do it because i know you can handle it


know that anything i throw at you

you got

it’s not my purpose in life to break anyone

but rather to challenge

and give you more experience

bragging rights


it might take a little longer to get to wherever you’re going

but when you arrive

your list of accomplishments will be as grand as the steps you took to get there


you champion

mountain amongst grains of sand

with castles at your toes that you stepped over to get here


i’m jealous

because i know that i’ll never get to be like you

not by a long shot


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