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April 16, 2012 / austreberto

Day sixteen

things i would tell my younger self if given the chance


just look at ya

you’re a spittin’ image of me

of a spittin’ image of our father


you’re baby faced

peach fuzzed

you’ll grow into

don’t you worry


but let’s get down to business

i came here for reason


let me tell ya

you’ll learn that a lot of things run strong in our family

things that you may not appreciate now

or ever


struggle is one of them


hopefully i’ve caught ya early enough in our life

for this advice to be of any use


first of all

don’t stress too much over rumors

they only travel as far as your voice carries them

shake it off

you can handle a lot more than that

trust me

i would know

(because i am you

after all)


when you get your first girlfriend


far away

she may appear to be something special

that first kiss is really tempting

and you may be overjoyed that someone out there notices you in that way

but you shouldn’t waste yourself like that


you’re worth a lot more than they know


and finally

don’t worry about impressing anyone

you may not feel it

but you actually pack quite the punch

even when you’re not trying

and when you do try

watch out


so yeah

you’ll learn that a lot runs strong in our family

like struggle


but you’ll understand later on that struggle is what gives us strength


so push on


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