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April 19, 2012 / austreberto

Day nineteen

i hope you know this means war (heads)


we gathered around the brown bag of candies

to see who would chicken out first


last week

we saw who could spit the farthest


my shot caught a bad wind

and landed at my feet


this week

was redemption


i trained by sucking lemons and limes

every day


my lips became a permanent pucker

embraced a sour attitude with this

rejected anything my parents told me to do

they chalked it up to hormones


scraped my knee while riding my bike

squeezed a lemon onto my wound

and i didn’t flinch


i was ready to dominate


the looks on their faces were priceless

as i shoved ten of those candies into my mouth

like it was nothing

bad ass


they never doubted me again


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