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April 30, 2012 / austreberto


i’ve never been a fan of drama


we were happy then

and did our best to fall out of love with each other

(which was easy for her)

after the curtains fell

after the audience left

we could stop acting


stage right

she taught me that forever


can go sour

needs to be thrown out


(which hopefully wouldn’t take us long to do)


but it can be rejuvenated


good as new

she taught me that behind closed curtains


we left ourselves center stage

under spotlight and nerves

never knew sweat could weigh so much

we kept asking for lines


she borrowed all my best ones


and we did our best to entertain the idea of love we both wanted

but regretted pursuing

afraid we would never find it again


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  1. Raoul / Apr 30 2012 9:27 pm

    It’s interesting seeing how your poetry’s developed over the month. I’d say (as a casual observer, mind you) that this seems to be one of the more pensive pieces. Despite all the first-person references, I feel that there’s a raw power behind these words that can reach everyone. Ugh, I’ll stop sounding so pretentious. Congrats on completing NaPoWriMo! xx

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