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May 3, 2012 / austreberto

foot trekkin’

I am collaborating with an old friend of mine.  He is currently in Japan teaching English, and while he’s there, he’s been posting blogs, mostly photographs.  Next week he is posting a “street diaries theme” entry and has asked me to write poetry for pictures he’s taken.

This is the result for the first picture he’s given me.

When his blog entry is up next week, I will post a link to it because I don’t really know what he has in store for it.

foot trekkin’


fifteen blocks away

my jeans are already drenched


and i just started walkin’


left shoe is completely soaked

must have been from the corner of 5th and broadway

sewers clogged again

temporary rivers

didn’t check before i stepped

luckily the rush hour splash missed me today

but not the foot traffic stampede

subway deadline

late for work again

turns into five minute lunch break

i’ve learned to breathe and eat at the same time


hey yo taxi

get me outta here

this is exhausting


nine to nine

homeward bound

got no fare for the cab

hit that river again on 5th and broadway with my other shoe

sewers are still clogged

strangers mean-muggin’ all the way

never felt so alone in a crowd


4:00 am

everyone is asleep

but the city’s never been more alive

its music may not be heard from where we lay

but then again

we never think to listen from the skyscrapers




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