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May 5, 2012 / austreberto

pocket check (fidgety hands)

This is the second collaboration poem.  Again, the picture/link will be posted next week after my friend sets it up on his blog.


pocket check (fidgety hands)


it’s lunchtime

don’t own a watch

but the wind that’s rollin’ in is bringin’ the specials from six blocks down


suddenly hungry


pocket check


two dollars and fifty something in your fist

can’t get you much

especially with the city appetite you’ve built

they’re something wicked to satisfy


eatin’ for five now

been one of those days


the gum you’ve been chewin’ died of flavor hours ago

didn’t notice

just continued out of habit


pocket check


found a piece between the quarters

last stick until you get to sit down


your feet unknowingly match the pace of everyone around you

feelin’ awkward about it

slow down



pocket check

(you didn’t leave your keys behind this time)


bum on the corner beggin’ up a storm

looks hungrier than you

out of pity

throw him something


pocket check


dollar thirty something left

can get you even less than before

maybe a coffee


no tip

luckily cream and sugar are free

you’re gonna need it


pocket check


one more piece of gum to get you through the day



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