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May 17, 2012 / austreberto

um… what?

um… what?


high school

senior year

government class


it was mrs hindenach’s annual mock elections


we never knew each other politically

until now





and independent

oh you’re on that side


we picked three people for the important roles

president: who just had to look pretty

vice president: literally had to do nothing

and speech writer: only person who had to do any actual work

(kind of like actual politicians)


and like reality

we stuck to our guns


we have the right answers

everyone else is wrong


i don’t care

you’re wrong

(this is a popular argument)


our group was the open-minded

new age thinkers


the first ever

female presidential candidate

for the mock elections of 2004


the teacher said to save the speech writing for the smartest person in the group


i was nominated for that

(what the hell?)


the republicans went first

and ended their speech with a catchy

yet unintentionally racist slogan

vote right

vote white

(because his last name was white)


being the only student of color

i sat alone

almost raised my hand to comment


but we were next

and our nominee stood up

and gave the class the speech i had created

that began with

my fellow americans

(i know

so patriotic)


which was

single handedly

the worst thing i had ever written


and we didn’t win

no one did that day


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