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May 18, 2012 / austreberto

failure is an option

failure is an option


the last two and half years of my life

i’ve worked at a telemarketing place

asking for money


been told i could be a salesman


they considered me good at what i did

with a success rate of thirty-ish percent


that means

seventy-ish percent of the time

i failed


the biggest lesson i learned from there

aside from strangers being complete and utter assholes

is that of humility


we are all going to fall down

a lot

at one point or another


it’s gonna happen

so buck up

and brace for impact

because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride


i am a walking failure



but this does not mean i don’t succeed



ten-ish percent of the time


give or take a couple percents


i never ignore my success

it’s what matters most

because it makes this whole process worth it


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