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May 21, 2012 / austreberto

my day was long but not as long as hers

Here’s the second poem of the second batch of collaborating with Stephen.  Bit of a delay in getting these poems to him, so I will post his blog of them when he gets it set up.  I spent the last few days moving to Kentucky, so it’s been a little crazy (which I will most likely write about next time).



my day was long but not as long as hers


heavy sigh

her dogs must have been killing her

(her feet were pretty sore too)

the only bags she could account for were under her eyes

the airliners lost her luggage

she was lost too


looked hungry

nibbled saltines

because they were free

drinking fountain

the person who used it before her sneezed on the spout


high sigh


saw my glance

she was a friendly stranger

asked me where i was going

and she started on her stories

when she had been there one time

with her second husband

(wasn’t wearing a wedding ring anymore)


and i listened

because we both needed the company


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