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June 3, 2012 / austreberto

why in the world did i say no

why in the world did i say no


high school

freshman year


awkward was in season

for me at least

and i wore it well


my first dance


the lights were out

i lost my brother

(think he ditched me to get high)

people i didn’t know were bumping into me

figured this to be dancing

to be consistently rude to the people around you


i tried this

but kept apologizing



excuse me


my bad




do i know you?

(do you want to? wink

no? ok)


nobody liked my moves

i didn’t like my moves



i’m sorr… oh hi


she was cute

too cute

bumped into me


must have been in my brother’s grade

at least


asked me if i wanted to dance



asked me

to dance


but i said no


she asked why

and i began to panic

had to let her down easy


i don’t know

and i walked away



i’m not sure

she could have been the one

but i’ll never know


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