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June 4, 2012 / austreberto

fading but not gone

fading but not gone


we listen to her because there’s not much else we can do


she’s a talker

so don’t get her started unless you’ve got some free time


she’s frail

stares off into the distance a lot


some days it looks like she’s waiting to die

the way she just sits there

doing nothing

nods off to sleep a lot in the middle of the day

some days it’s almost too much


doesn’t mean to get so upset with us

there isn’t a mean bone in her body


not a single one

but they don’t have much strength these days

can barely hold her up


needs help

much more than she would like to admit

wants to be independent

not a fuss


asks the same questions more than once

sometimes back to back


we still give her the same answer every time

as if it was the first time she asked it


but she still has spirit


can play a mean game of scrabble

guess things on wheel of fortune long before the contestants do

and even if she doesn’t fully understand

she tries to follow


so speak up


and pay attention


she just might surprise you


still has a trick or two up her sleeve


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