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June 4, 2012 / austreberto

stuck to me

Like my religion poems, I began a second series of poems that began from the collaboration with my friend in Japan.  The theme during the second batch of poems/photos was about interactions between strangers.  I ran with the idea more in my head about how two strangers can eventually become something more.  So I’ve written a few poems about two strangers meeting and how their relationship develops, becoming more serious with each poem.  Eventually I will get to marriage, unless I run out of ideas, but we will see.

This is the fourth poem in the series, and the others can be read here:

#1 aquarium

#2 outside the aquarium

#3 driveway after the movies

and #4 is here:


stuck to me


i can still taste her from the night before

my pillow smells like her hair

though not quite as soft


her hair seems to like me

a lot


found them clinging to the sweater that i wore two weeks ago


a few more in my underwear drawer

and we hadn’t even gone that far yet


asked her if she’d been rifling through my clothes

she laughed



she has a great smile


i keep finding the bobby pins she pulls out of her hair when she’s over


on my nightstand

under the couch cushions

the living room floor

kitchen counter

coffee table

behind my desk

and even a few in my back pocket

must have offered to hold onto them that time


too many to count now

but i can hold them all with both hands


linked them all together

almost looks like a flower

like the one we saw at the park from two weeks back

when i wore that sweater


it was frigid

she was linked onto my arm

head on my shoulder


probably how those first hairs found their way onto me


those others

still a mystery


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