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June 8, 2012 / austreberto

road trip

road trip


her: how long will it take you to get here

him: nine hours if i don’t take breaks

her: don’t take any breaks

him: i’ll try but my bladder won’t be happy with you

her: tell him that it will be worth it

him: he won’t listen because he’s always pissed


her: do you know where you’re going

him: no but i’ll follow what feels right


her: where are you now

him: i’m on my way

her: are you lost

him: yes but i’m on the right track


her: i’ll get to hold you soon

him: for real this time

her: no more pretending

him: for real

her: for how long

him: until you get sick of me

her: that will take a long time

him: how long

her: i don’t know but let’s find out


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