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June 12, 2012 / austreberto

in the morning

Like a few other ideas I’ve had, this is a third series that I’ve started.  Dialogue poetry, I’ll call it.  Conversations between two people who want to be together and I suppose the journey they take to pursue that desire.  This might be the last one, but you never know.

The first two poems were very recent pieces, but I will link to them anyway.

#1 after midnight

#2 road trip

and 3#:

in the morning


him: is this real

her: i’ve had many dreams about this before but this is my favorite one by far

him: i slept better than usual

her: it was a long day with you

him: i wish it was longer


her: are you real

him: last time i checked you were gone every time i woke up

her: but not this time

him: i didn’t dream

her: i did

him: could’ve sworn i just rested my eyes for just a moment or two

her: you were there

him: what did i do

her: you held onto me and gave me a soft squeeze

him: i did that in real life too

her: sleep hugger

him: and talker

her: you spoke softly

him: mumbler

her: but they were honest words

him: what did i say

her: something about being happy here

him: those are honest words


her: i like this

him: it feels good

her: almost too good

him: just right


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