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July 15, 2012 / austreberto

heart counts

heart counts


every night

she would lay her head on my chest

and counted my heartbeats

to make sure i was still alive

(told me i breathed so slowly

she wasn’t sure if i was or not)


it relaxed her


she managed somehow to keep track in her sleep

would wake up every morning with a different number

(don’t know how she did this

she would never tell me)


some mornings

the number would be higher

heart races

because of bad dreams


this would keep her awake

wanted to hold on


to comfort me

and show that i was safe


those nights

i dreamed of being in a vice grip of her arms


her grip

was strong

as if she was afraid she would have lost me

if it wasn’t enough


but she was strong

even when she sighed

it woke me up

in her arms

wanting more

and more

and more


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