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July 20, 2012 / austreberto

guess i should’ve knocked on wood

guess i should’ve knocked on wood


i sat in the office with a towel over my head


trying not to move

this pain was new to me


(never knew flag football could be so dangerous

apparently it was

but only for me)


the secretary had me call my mom

my voiced carried fear for the first time

through the receiver

(i always hated how my voice sounded on the phone

this just made it worse)

her voice matched my fear


we arrived around eleven

right before my lunch

the hospital seemed much larger this time around

must have gotten lost at least three times

sent back to the same office twice



and more paperwork

waiting out the hours


came home just in time to catch my favorite show

the one my parents didn’t approve of because it was too violent

but they were letting it slide this time


i sat in the basement with my arm in a sling



the pain was becoming an old friend

especially when i moved


the fracture sparked a lot of thought

(i had a lot of time to think while in that labyrinth hospital)


probably the closest i came to believing in karma

or god

(as if something is actually listening to what i say

and adjusting my life accordingly)

and made the phrase

what goes around comes around

a lot more significant

all because i said i would never break a bone that very morning


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