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July 24, 2012 / austreberto

Featured poetry: one year anniversary

Well, it’s been about a year now that I decided I wanted to make this blog for poetry.  July 24th, 2011, I posted my first entry saying that I was going to post poems as I wrote them, not necessarily posting every poem (though I have posted nearly every single one because I believe they are good enough).

Since then, I have attained nearly 3,500 views, gained 53 followers, and started an amazing collaboration with an old friend.  I have grown a lot as a writer, especially during my first 30/30 challenge during the month of April (which I greatly look forward to next year).  Every poem I write I may not like (especially looking back at my earlier work from high school), but it’s the full journey of writing that has brought me to where I am today.

I consider myself good, but it’s just the ability to write my thoughts down that I really cherish and hope to do until the day I die.

And now, with great pleasure, I would like to share one of my favorite poets and best friends: Kelsey Whing.  She is a writer with a strong eye for beauty in her words.  She has an incredible insight for deep thought and purity when she sets her heart to writing anything that is personal.  Kelsey also completed the 30/30 challenge with me, and I believe, like me, she succeeded.

This particular poem is from that challenge of National Poetry Month, and she decided to honor me with writing the poem with me in mind.

If you like, I recommend checking out her blog here: Moonlit Love Letters.



with my head on his chest
i can hear his heartbeat
but i’ve always been listening
to the beat of his life

and it’s steady, strong, true

a reverberating set of notes that
always string up their listener’s spine
with confidence

his beat, unique as a fingerprint
layered as thunder clouds
but never as ominous, always close

it’s in between the rumble beats
i hear his life
his father’s pride
his mother’s smile
grandmother’s warmth
the bond between siblings

i hear the strain of his struggles
and the thunderclap of his triumphs

this beat gives me strength and remind me
of the incredible person he is

and i know that when he listens to his heart
he will always be
steady, strong, and true


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