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July 28, 2012 / austreberto

even jesus turned water into wine

Just a tiny back story behind this poem.  The town I recently moved to had a vote to determine if it would become a “wet county,” as in it would allow bulk alcohol sales in grocery stores and the like.  There was a pretty heavy campaign to vote “NO” that was lead by all the churches in town (every church had at least 6 “no” signs on their lawns).  Luckily, the vote came in, and it passed, and this is just a reflection of the situation from my imagination.


even jesus turned water into wine


they called it the devil’s drink

unless it was the blood of Christ



aged well

full bodied


with just a hint of fruitiness

(though strong believers flat out deny that)


it was as dry as they wanted to keep this land

except on sundays


the lord apparently made exceptions

or rather

those who spoke for the lord made exceptions

since he (or she or it) hasn’t spoken since







at its worse

to them

was no sin

unless committed by others


sunday morning

please open your bibles

oh hail bloody mary

(two drink minimum)

before confession


it takes the edge off


those who live with guilt

drink quickly



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