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August 11, 2012 / austreberto

breaststrokes through chaos and remembering to breathe deeply

So I’ve hit a slump in my writing recently.  I’m switching gears in my mindset with writing and not being in the mood to write as often, though I still get plenty of ideas rolling around.  The same thing happened to me last year when I started my student teaching experience.  Today, grad school will allow a bit more freedom (more hours for a job and definitely more time to write) and bring new inspirations and ways of thinking.  So if the next few months you don’t see as many new posts from me, that’s why.
This is a poem that I’ve been working with in my head for awhile and had it typed out earlier in the week, but I feel comfortable with it now to share it with everyone.  I recently reread a piece by Buddy Wakefield and the words “breaststrokes through chaos” really stuck with me.  I feel like the poem could have gone in a few different directions (which I might try thanks to an idea a friend shared about starting a poem the same twice, but then going in two different directions).

I hope you enjoy.


breaststrokes through chaos and remembering to breathe deeply


buddy told me to stay calm


saw how tired i was

treading water

left breathless


so he let me borrow all his wind instruments

to make music

on my way home

even though that’s where i had left in the first place


it’s a journey of finding yourself


give me a name

you handsome stranger

and point me in any direction that’s against the wind


make me work

put me to work in bettering myself

i’m bettering myself daily

even though i never get very far

stone’s throws are drops in a bucket




though my aim is pretty good


let us make this day memorable

so we can forget it

only to reencounter it out of the blue

enjoy it a second time

maybe a third

but no more than that


let’s not focus on the past

creating a future is much more rewarding



do not focus on mistakes

it takes the thunder away from our accomplishments

until they are soft claps in the distance

barely audible


storms are everywhere but here

in this drought


bring plenty of water


you’re gonna need it


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  1. KelseyAW22 / Aug 11 2012 7:34 pm

    A very creative friend you have to think of something like that.

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