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August 13, 2012 / austreberto

baseball football and apple pie

baseball football and apple pie


he was an all american

an older gentleman

(as many hairs in his comb-over as years in his age

which was a lot

but not in terms of hairs)


asked if he could join me

had a lot to say

stories to share


his wife had heard them all countless times

was a part of most of them


he grew up an orphan

after his father and siblings passed away


gained three hundred and seventy five brothers and sisters


never a dull moment

had a lot to do


it was a different time back then

spoke in terms of back in the day

without actually saying the phrase

(though i filled in the gaps)


he thought real hard

told me he had three hundred and seventy five brothers and sisters

they lived on opposite sides of the house


he repeated himself a lot

i didn’t mind


he divulged more and more with each passing

as if the repetition helped with is memory


i didn’t have much to say

nothing worth repeating

or even worth saying once


i hadn’t started living yet

not like him


i just sat there

and listened


because you don’t interrupt someone that deep in thought

even if they repeat themselves



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  2. Raoul / Aug 18 2012 5:23 am

    Nicely done. I particularly love the pairing of ‘all-american’ and ‘older gentleman’ at the beginning, and the sense of reflection in ‘I hadn’t started living yet’. Truly enjoyable.

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