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October 8, 2012 / austreberto


I’ve had a long stint of not writing which saddens me greatly.  That doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking about ideas and playing around with them from time to time.  This happened last year during my student teaching and grad school is treating me the same.  Handling it pretty well I think.

I wrote this a few years ago for my grandma.  Because of some recent events, she’s been on my mind a lot more (don’t worry, she hasn’t died or anything like that).



She shares the same name as no place like home
with more courage than a cowardly lion
making roads of gold to be followed her entire life
Growing up she was the queen of baked goods
her oatmeal cookies could be smelled
from every corner of the house
whenever I visited
my five year old hands reaching for the batter
as she would smack me with a wooden spoon
warning me about the raw eggs
Lesson learned
She says gosh darn it

Instead of god damn it


Instead of ass

And of fickle instead of…

Well I can’t tell you…

Because she’ll hit me again…
She’s been through a lot
and she can tell you a story
You can read it in her wrinkles when she smiles
they start by her lips
and end by her soul
so if you read the ones next to her heart
you’ll understand
she’s a lot stronger than she looks
I want you to meet the mother to my father
Dorothy Jane Long
born in 1923 and still to this day plays the piano
She’s been through the depression
and today’s recession
so she can tell you a lot
she can tell you a story
but have her tell you my favorite one
when she used to live in Africa
surrounded be so many lions
probably where she got all that courage
and I can only wish with heel clicks
that someday she will give some to me
I’m going to need it
because I’m going to miss her when she leaves


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  1. tryingforhonesty / Oct 9 2012 8:18 am

    Absolutely beautiful. Almost made me cry!

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