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November 17, 2012 / austreberto

this i believe

As I had previously mentioned, I worked on a project called “This I Believe.”  It was for one of my classes in the Human Development and Leadership classes about what you truly believe is important in your life.  Being the writer that I am, I took my original few paragraphs in this project and converted them into a poem format and made my own adjustments.



this i believe


it’s always started off as a speck

every time

a speck


any given situation

a tiny speck


after that

it’s never the same


it could take days

even weeks (or months)


sometimes much faster




from a speck to a mountain

my anxiety used to always get the best of me


i believe

that life is a constant struggle


for many

it is a struggle of getting out of bed in the morning


for others

it is accomplishing goals to feel successful

or even to find those goals in the first place


we face a lot of the same struggles on a daily basis

but we don’t necessarily handle them in the same manner


it’s one of the many lessons i’ve learned over the last three years


it’s not necessarily what happens in our lives that matters so much as our attitudes and how we handle them


that life is only as difficult as you make it out to be


if you believe you are small

then you will be


i have used this as my fuel and fire to push myself into becoming the person that i am today


as a result

to develop myself as a leader


i believe

that even at my best

i can always do better


this is a curse

and a blessing


my anxiety makes me believe that i cannot accomplish anything

that even my best isn’t good enough

but i know that even at my worst

i can do so much


i believe

that as a leader

there is always room for improvement

progression involves both successes and failures

and even if you hit rock bottom

the only direction you can go is up


i believe

in progress

in moving forward


that the only person you should ever compare yourself to is your former self


don’t worry about if others are better




how good you will look when the only person you compare yourself to

is you



i believe

that i am strong


that i have the strength necessary to lift the mountains that life gives me on a daily basis


i keep them in my pocket to remember where i have been

and where i plan to go

in my life

for the many years to come


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