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January 8, 2013 / austreberto

it’s worked for me thus far (must be doing something right)

it’s worked for me thus far (must be doing something right)


i’ve been following this path for as long as i have been able to make decisions for myself

which is actually much longer than i am fully aware of


i can stop whenever i want

but have no reason to not continue:


  • make lists of what you need to do

daily if you must


but don’t take too long to plan


kicking ass and taking names

feels extravagantly good when you get to cross things off your list

(the softest action speaks louder than all the words in the world)


  • allow time for stillness and silence

for yourself


  • listen to plenty of good music


songs on repeat


lose count of how many times it’s played

lose yourself


if you fall asleep during this process

it makes for an interesting dream


  • find ways to let go of aggression

(it ages your soul terribly)


exercise is much more than just a physical thing


  • find more ways to let go of aggression

(it’s a bitch

trust me)


  • keep plenty of warmth and comfort nearby


some nights are lonelier than others


  • don’t focus on things that do not exist

or ask too many questions or what if’s


some things are never made to make sense

so don’t lose any sleep over it



  • find a friend who has the ability to go through every emotion in a single moment


  • rinse and repeat

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