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February 9, 2013 / austreberto



by- me

as read by- morgan freeman


birth to six have always been a bit hazy

my memory was selective and played favorites


in 1993 we moved states and i became friends with all the kids in the neighborhood

all four of them


the next seven years were also hazy

and even more selective

with the exception of my best friend shooting himself in the hand with a bb gun

and saying my first swear in the third grade

(unrelated events)


in the eighth grade i questioned my sexuality


that following summer i got my first girlfriend


a few days later

i said i love you for the first time

not really knowing the repercussions of those words


weeks later

we broke up


(by the way

my first swear was fuck)


at fifteen

i grew my hair out

never knew it was going to be so curly

a lion’s mane


got my second girlfriend after i cut my hair

which resulted in my first kiss


my lips were unsure of what they needed to do


it was awkward

and they became self conscious


ended up dating my ex’s best friend



is frowned upon


my lips figured out how to move


junior year

others began to question my sexuality too


a week before my eighteenth birthday i lost my virginity


four years later she and i stopped talking

(would never find out why)



i had my first mid college life crisis


switched majors


twenty one

had a shakespeare class with a girl whom i would date five years later


stood in line behind her at a coffee shop

never said a word


twenty three

learned what depression was


i fought back



twenty three and a half

became closer to my father

and became immensely proud of myself for the first time


twenty three and three quarters

my girlfriend was still in love with someone else

after our one year anniversary


i remained proud of myself


graduated college

accepted to grad school

fell in love with girl from the shakespeare class


the present


anything after this

is just gravy


good thing i brought my gravy boat


let’s go sailing


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