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April 2, 2013 / austreberto

see you in a month (day two)

see you in a month


he said to her


i’m not done with you

i’m just putting you on pause


as if life actually worked out that way

as if we were machines you could just stop when convenient

as if in place of her heart

are gears and valves


because that’s how we all look on the inside



if you cut her

she will bleed oil


we are not capable of stopping something like love


unless he believes he’s in every romantic comedy ever made

and it’s at the one part where they’re about to kiss

and he gets a phone call


and he says

hold that thought

only to come back and find that she’s slipped into something a little more comfortable

(which happens to be nothing at all)


they embrace

and make passionate love until the morning hours


and she wakes up to find that he’s made a light brunch

(her favorites because he pays attention like that)

and they do it all over again


(at least that’s how it would happen in my movie)



it doesn’t work that way


we have no buttons to push

to pause


we feel


it’s hard to stop

damn near impossible



but when you act like that guy

you make it pretty easy to move on


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