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April 13, 2013 / austreberto

this ain’t no race (day thirteen)

Today was the Murray Half-Marathon.  I participated in the 5k portion, and it was the first time in around 9 years since I had done one.  I had only gotten back into running since the fall and it’s been pretty slow, but I have learned not to compare myself to others.

While I was running, this came into my head (and a number of kids passed me around half way through, so that part is completely true).


this ain’t no race

comparison is the thief of joy



you’ve been runnin’

at your pace

(keep it goin’)


others may have left you high and dry

(like how your throat feels)

ages ago

but you keep on runnin’


lost track for how long

ever since the eight year old passed you at the eleven mile marker


forget him

forget everyone


it’s not about what others can do

it’s about what you can do


keep runnin’


your legs hurt

you slow down


but you never stop


you may finish last

but damnit

you’re gonna finish


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