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April 15, 2013 / austreberto

like water (day fifteen)

I channeled Buddy Wakefield in this piece, particularly his speech with TED (which I posted in a previous post on this blog. Worth a watch, every minute of it).

This is my mantra, what keeps me going.  I hope you enjoy.


like water


bring yourself back

to center

from wherever you went



(you will always be able to do this)



no matter how intense

always subsides


this too shall pass

under all the bridges you’ve walked over


throw the largest rock your strength allows you to hold into the waters


(hurl the mountains

if you can)

(because you can)


create the largest riptide

tidal wave



ripples always dissipate




after every storm




we too have this ability


to breathe

and find our center


this too shall pass

like everything else


you are still



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