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April 16, 2013 / austreberto

all i ever wanted (day sixteen)

This is in response to a poem I wrote for a friend earlier in the 30/30 challenge.  The title is almost identical, so you can figure out on your own which one I’m referring to.

I wrote it for her and what she wanted in her life, so I decided to write one for myself and what I want in my life.

The good thing is, I already have it. 🙂


all i ever wanted


i grew up watching my parents love each other



it was perfect

or as close to perfect as someone could get

in this lifetime


and i believed that there was someone out there for me

who would love me like that


at least

i hoped there was


i wanted to be accepted



every bit of me


from my slumped spine on bad days

to my wrinkled pinky toes on the good


my good graces

and my stubbornness


good golly

i’m a mess some days


but someone can still love me

every bit


i can shine

even when i don’t know it


someone will show me how beautiful i can be

how beautiful i’ve always been


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