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April 18, 2013 / austreberto

ashamed (day eighteen)



it was a time of innocence

back when my hands didn’t know what they were doing

but apparently had a natural talent


we were both fourteen

she asked me to give her a massage


her back

a fully clothed canvas

for me to work with


my hands



all thumbs

two left feet

but luckily

no sweaty palms

(that would have been awkward)


they tried

all the same


she seemed to like it

i think


she returned the favor


i liked it


she later told me that i turned her on


i wasn’t sure what that meant



but it was good

i think


my hands

were proud

(and this time sweaty)


i told her she turned me on

not really knowing what that meant



not sure if it was limited to one gender or not


but she wasn’t proud

even though it wasn’t true



she said


her hands

felt dirty


my body

felt the same


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