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April 25, 2013 / austreberto

less of a poem and more of a collection of thoughts for later (day twenty-five)

Tonight I am performing poetry at a “coffee house” event.  I don’t get to perform that often so I cherish it when it happens.  I plan to read all new poetry from this month of April and National Poetry Month, and I have been gathering my thoughts about what I really want to say to people.  I want to create connections with them.  To relate.  To enjoy. And anything else that naturally happens.

So here are my thoughts:



what i do is nothing special


these words have all been done before

at one point or another


they are nothing special


but it’s what’s worked for me

for over eleven years now


i hope to create moments of understanding with you tonight

because chances are

you’ve been here before

or are here right now


either case

i’m going to tell you what’s worked for me


close your eyes


take in a deep breath

through your nose


let it go


do it again


no matter how stressful life gets

so long as you are alive

you will always have the ability to breathe



your heart is continuously beating

bringing that breath to the rest of your body


we do these things without knowing it


we do these things in our sleep

every night


it’s more than second nature

because it is nature


so it’s no wonder that our minds are capable of so much


to take the tiniest of inclination

and just going with it

even if it’s all in our mind



this is how my mind works

all the time


but i’ve spent enough time worrying about something that’s not even there to begin with


walk with me



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