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April 30, 2013 / austreberto

uncharted waters 2 (yo ho ho) (DAY THIRTY)

Welcome to the last poem of this year’s National Poetry Month!

This is connected to a poem I wrote last year called uncharted waters.

The number 2 made me think of a sequel, which further made me think of pirates…



uncharted waters 2 (yo ho ho)


these are all the same players

with a new outlook on life


maybe introduce a few new ones

later on

(ya never meet everyone yer gonna meet in the first scene



you’ve been sailin’ fer bout as long as you can member


suckin’ on the lemons life’s been givin’ ya

(good fer scurvy

and character


hair on your chest)


still no map

followin’ no stars



you were asked

what is it you want most

by a man whose appetite for rum was only second to his appetite for mystery and adventure


now yer on a new journey


captain of your own life


with yer crew

undead monkey

really bad eggs

and a compass that doesn’t point north


because it doesn’t matter where you go

so long as you do go


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