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July 25, 2013 / austreberto




let us take a step back from this

now that it has all been said and done


wipe our hands clean of it all


let us hold our tongues


gut punch reactions

and any negativity that has resulted  from this experience

and simply live our lives

because there is life after something like this


so much life


it was never my intention to cause so much devastation


but sometimes the right decisions are the ones that hurt the most

and are the hardest to pursue


it builds character

or so i’ve been told


if that be the case

then we have the most character possible

and have learned our lessons

of strength

of forgiveness

of love

through the trials and trepidations of our journey together

now that we’re no longer together


at least

that is what i have gained

and will continue to do in my life


and i wish the very same to you



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