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August 11, 2013 / austreberto

i know what to say

i don’t know what to say


“If you’ve been in a relationship that you don’t know how to get out of… not tonight.”

-Buddy Wakefield


we never not know the answers for ourselves


it’s true

especially with what’s in our own best interest


the problem is

moments of selflessness happen at all the wrong times when we’re worried about how it will affect others involved


holding ourselves back

afraid of the outcome


and chain reactions

(newton had it right



every action does

in fact

have an equal and opposite reaction


but what he didn’t know

was that sometimes

the reaction

is MUCH greater


(hell hath no fury like a broken heart)


and that’s what scares us the most)


just say what needs to be said


stop beating around the bush so much

the ground around the bushes has suffered enough

(speak your heart



it’s always simple

much simpler than we make it out to be


what do i say

(just start

and don’t stop until everything is said

both of you deserve that at least


the truth is the hardest to divulge

but it’s worth the struggle

believe me)



because the words are there

they have always been there

caught between your lungs


speak up you courageous fool

and end your pointless suffering




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