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August 13, 2013 / austreberto

the future (plans a through z)

the future (plans a through z)


these pieces

i don’t fully have control over


i know where i’d like for them to go


i have plans for me


big plans


but chances are

it won’t go exactly how i want it


it never does


but i’ve learned how to roll with the punches

whatever that means


i’ve never been punched before

but i doubt i’d feel like rollin’ much afterwards


human instinct would have me fight back

it’s only natural


self defense mechanisms


(i can take a beating)


but that would become a bad habit

if i’d fight back


last laughs and final says don’t exist because someone will always want to add something


it’s no longer a final say

it’s a conversation

with fists


so i suppose rollin’ is better than punchin’


just roll with it

wherever the pieces may fall

with whatever you have to work with

whatever the outcome


it may not fully be on course

the way you planned it out

but you’ll make it work


you always do


but sometimes it takes a little reminding to remember how truly amazing you can be in a day


human potential is measured in strides experienced

which doesn’t always equal out to successes


mistakes and failures are a part of this journey


they are merely success in a direction that you weren’t expecting


always moving forward

because you always do

you champion


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