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August 17, 2013 / austreberto




we all carry a picture around


some of us are more aware of this more than others

looking at it constantly

making changes

sometimes daily


a picture of how we want our lives to look like



fifteen years from now

with a family


and anything we can imagine


the possibilities are only limited by our desires


it comforts us


gives us something to look forward to


order amongst all this chaos called life


we keep this picture wherever we deem suitable


framed along the walls of bedrooms

boxed in attics next to childhood toys

the ones we want to give our future children someday

taped on bathroom mirrors as a reminder every morning

crumpled and torn out of frustration when you learn that it’s never as simple as you hoped it to be


i keep mine in my wallet

next to a fortune cookie that reads

those who live in the past

limit their future


i use this as a reminder

that plans will change

no matter how badly you don’t want them to


even the most pristine pictures smudge and tear


the future is relentless if you don’t follow its flow

its changes


rivers only appear treacherous when you’re traveling against the current

resisting to its natural direction




and float downstream


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