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August 21, 2013 / austreberto




i’ve wanted to make a lasting impact on someone’s life


i think most of us want to accomplish something like that


for someone to say

because of you

i’m different


i did this

but not in the way that I wanted to


she hates me

you know


she really does


so much so that i’m pretty sure she wishes we never met

(i swear to god i’m not a horrible person)


such an influence on a soul


she hated herself too

but only for a short while


broken hearts are a pain

but they always heal

no matter how badly they hurt


because of me

she’s realized her strengths and weaknesses

her imperfections and gems


that she doesn’t need anyone to make herself happy


she can do that on her own


and i’m glad of this realization that she’s come to

even at this price


i just hope she’s well

and continues to be strong


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