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August 25, 2013 / austreberto

shedding negative burdens

shedding negative burdens


you emerged outta the chaos and debris

lookin’ somethin’ holy from this unholy war


those around you

strugglin’ somethin’ fierce


givin’ hope to them

that there is something better to come within time


drop your guard and any intentions ya might be placin’ onto others for just a moment

(you cannot speak on behalf of those you do not know)

and listen


ya got an entire life to talk

and i’m sure you already spoke enough for the both of us

so this ain’t gonna kill you




i know that this broken heart has got ya feelin’ like there’s nothin’ good out there anymore


that they’re all the same



and what have you


know this


they all came into your life for a reason



it was god awful when it happened at the time

and ya might’ve wanted to give up


but you were NEVER knocked down


not even at your worst


you’re here

for a reason


you’re here

and nothing can change that


remember that

but wear nothing on your sleeves


let down your guard and prideful stories you’ve been rehearsing and saving for the right chance to share about those who have damaged you



this isn’t an opportunity for you to showcase your scars from the battlefield

because we all get ’em


this ain’t no oneupmanship or competition


this is life


we all have a story




shit happens

even to good people


but it doesn’t mean you have to carry it with you for the rest of your life


stop chasin’ those memories

and start makin’ new ones


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