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September 3, 2013 / austreberto

the contract

the contract


i hereby acknowledge that i am not the center of the universe

of anyone

including myself


that if the actions of others affect me negatively

even in the slightest of ways

that it is not a personal attack against my good will


no one is out to get me


i am not THAT important that someone would go out of their way to make such a difference in my life like THAT

(and if they did

then who cares




any assumption on my part is merely my ego that needs to be deflated


i also acknowledge

(and this is important)

that life happens


we all get busy

from time to time

so it’s nothing personal


any sensation of feeling ignored is an impatient reaction of immediate satisfaction that is not fulfilled


i shall

from this moment on

live my life at a pace that i deem suitable for myself

and not set that standard to anyone else but me


if i set this standard to others

and create friction in the harmony of our lives

i shall remove myself from situation

and acknowledge that i am the problem

not anyone else


i choose to live positively from this moment on



sign here (not the center of the universe)



sign here (witness/also not the center of the universe)



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