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September 6, 2013 / austreberto

missed opportunities

missed opportunities


i have all the answers if you ask the right questions

but i’ve spent my entire life asking all the wrong ones


like why


like why do i never know what to say to a girl until after she walks away


i’ve never been one to work on the spot

or improvise


i’m always at a loss for words in the moment


i ponder

sometimes for too long


i may be quiet

but on the inside

the gears churning

like a room full of grandfather clocks


they chime all at once when i come to a realization


you’ll never see me shake

but i’ve got all the oceans rumbling through my veins

trying to get enough oxygen to this brain of mine so i can properly piece this puzzle of a sentence together to say to you


(this is what i have so far)






you’re cute



had i only thought of that thirty seconds ago

i’d be on a completely different path in my life right now

talking to you


but instead

i’m beating myself up for not thinking of it sooner




why                 why                             why


why                 why                             why




but that’s not the right question to ask


it’s a wasted energy


i do have all the answers

but i just need to find the right questions to ask myself



i’ll get it right


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