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September 10, 2013 / austreberto

somewhere in between the lines

somewhere in between the lines


i’ve never considered myself a patriotic person


nor unpatriotic

even with my i hate the government phase in high school


stopped saying the pledge of allegiance

hated president bush

and other things i blindly followed because i didn’t know any better at the time


wannabe punk

with my baggy band shirts

teenage angst

and no one understands me mentality



one day

years later as an adult

i heard taps played during a high school assembly



as a teacher now

amongst my students



my grandfather

long before he began his family with my grandmother

lived through the thick of world war II


VE day


carried shrapnel in his back because of it until the day he passed


i wept as if i was alone



i always stand

remove my hat

and salute

out of respect

and out of love

for a sacrifice that i could never have the courage to make


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