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September 12, 2013 / austreberto

present your best to me

present your best to me


the important thing to know is that you did nothing wrong


you only ever have control of your thoughts


and consequences

and little to no control of what others will say and do to you

(prepare for the worst

as people are brutally honest


especially strangers)


let’s lay that out on the line for everyone to know up front


you did absolutely nothing wrong


assuming you did everything in your power to be a good person

living a good life

with good intentions

to everyone and yourself

(in other words

not being an asshole)


i hope that you have so far


if not

then get the fuck outta here


neither one of us has any time to waste on anyone who isn’t going to give you their all




you’ve got one chance to impress me


do it

right now


best foot forward

right now


no redo

or second chances

(unless you are truly deserving


but definitely no thirds)


here and now


i may not have control of what you will say and do to me

but i have full and complete control of who i keep in my life


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