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September 26, 2013 / austreberto




i try to speak with purpose behind my daily intent

but i don’t mean to purposefully invite this awkwardness to flourish between the spaces of silence between us


i hate the silence

because it speaks so loudly


it happens

more often than i’d like to admit


it makes me anxious


my nervous habits have nervous habits

and that’s on a good day


on a bad day

you don’t want to know


don’t get me started

but i can sense the tension underneath your exhales that something’s got your spirit grounded


and anchored onto calamity


heart races

trying to reach finish lines that were never laid on this figure eight infinity track we’ve been surviving on all our lives


but yes

there is an ending to all this madness

i promise


every question will be answered


every loose end will be tied


and plot holes will be filled


there will be no confusion for this life of yours

when the time comes


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