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September 28, 2013 / austreberto

positive and negative

positive and negative


i have the ability to push and pull


i’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years

but not necessarily in a way that i would want


it started when i was a child


i ate magnets

hoping to attract everything i wanted


to bring them closer

within reach

so everything wouldn’t feel so far away all the time

(my arms were short back then)


i aligned them all so i could have a positive outlook on life

and keep all negativity behind me


positive forward

negative back


this was my first mistake

because i didn’t know how magnets worked yet



i am unwillingly drawn towards people who forget about me

after thoughts


and repel those who i want


every time i try to reverse this

there’s resistance


opposites attract



science is a bitch



i’ve turned my back on those who have never tried

because i believe i deserve better


i know i deserve better

(which is funny because that’s usually the time when i hear from them



opposites attract



but my reach

is larger today

(though it’s still pretty short

in retrospect)


i will not force attractions that were never there to begin with

nor will i change my positive outlook



because it’s what i deserve


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