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November 15, 2013 / austreberto

things that should be commonsense but are not

things that should be commonsense but are not


1. hold doors open for strangers

even if they’re a little farther away

even if they walk slowly


you can spare the five seconds to be kind


2. don’t stare


it makes others uncomfortable and believe there is something wrong with them


self conscious


unless you like them

then try not to stare too much


2.5. don’t be a creep


3. laugh loudly

but never at the misfortunes of others


it is healing only when it is genuine and positive


4. never ask questions that you would not feel comfortable answering yourself


mind your own business

and only ask if you are invited to do so


even if you are invited

tread lightly


5. appreciate your own beauty


don’t worry too much about the opinion of others


it only takes away focus from whose opinion matters the most




6. always say thank you

especially for small deeds


you can never say it enough

even if you wanted to


7. apologize

even if it’s not your fault


pointing the blame broods conflict

and conflict broods more conflict when no one backs down


you don’t have to be right all the time


step down from your throne


8. slow down

if you’re busy all the time


you can never give more than 100%


9. stop

and don’t forget to admire the stars

especially on a night like this


natural beauty all around us

and we never seem to notice


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