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February 23, 2014 / austreberto

even to the strongest

I don’t normally post any description before my poetry because I believe it defeats the purpose of sharing it.  I don’t want you to begin reading this with some sort of preconceived idea.  When you pick up a book of a person’s writing, you only have their words to go off on, and the rest is up to you; interpretation.

But I think this will be one of the few times I do explain anything in my poetry to y’all.

Last week my grandfather passed away.  The last time a family member passed away was 17 years ago which has allowed a lot of time for me to develop emotionally and mentally.  I can say that I have handled it differently, though not necessarily better or worse.  Just differently.  However, to my luck, I write now and I have done my best to express myself.

Thank you.


even to the strongest


it ain’t easy


it never is


though no one ever told us it would be in the first place


if it was

then it would never be worth having


i know you were ready to call it quits

throw in the towel

wave the white flag

surrender to the fears of this loss

as heavy as it was

like all the other times

(and there are more to come)


i quit

you wanted to say after your father passed away



after your mother suffered her second stroke


god has an offbeat way of showing she loves you when she takes away the ones closest to you


there is no end to this chaos that we call living when you look hard enough


that’s it

you whispered to yourself


anyone was able to hear you through all that deafening silence between how things used to be and how they are now


it only took you seconds at young age to realize that forever is only a temporary thing in this world


that people don’t always have to suffer near the end


but then again

the end is only temporary too


and knowing that helped you


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