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March 6, 2014 / austreberto

bellow rock bottom

below rock bottom


tell me


how did it feel when they saw you at your worst


the moment when everything fell apart

right in front of you


there were bruises

most you couldn’t see


you got quiet

(which tells you something

because on most days you just couldn’t shut up)


dreams became a blessing

because you woke up to nightmares


and for the first time in your life

you were afraid




not that you never felt it before

you just never thought it would get any worse


until it did


you learned that life works like that sometimes


it loves to disappoint

especially when your expectations are in all the wrong places



is only a concept in this world when we expect from others

but especially from ourselves


until one day

you learned you were doing it all wrong

in every which way possible

with every possible scenario you came up with

(hypothetical or otherwise)

you learned that you were wrong


it was a tough pill to swallow

but you changed yourself


because you knew that with every failure

there was success


with every failure

there was another opportunity


and life still loved to disappoint

but you weren’t bothered as much


because you were finally doing things right for once


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